These burgers are the best. I went last night and had the best burger I've ever had, it's called "The Observation Tower" and it's a pizza burger concoction. If you're skeptical, just go. You won't regret it. These burgers do not disappoint. Their motto is "we don't serve normal burgers" and that's true. They have a variety of stuffed burgers.

They are located inside a bar in a pretty empty part of Niagara Falls right across from the casino; this place is definitely a diamond in the rough. The menu is constantly changing and having new items added - their Facebook is updated daily. There are weekly specials that usually turn into regular menu items because they are THAT GOOD.

The owner is so friendly and I had a nice chat with him about the restaurant and his plans for the future. This is definitely a place you want to check out.

What can I say? Do you want the most important experience of your life to just be Niagara falls? Or so you want it to be in your mouth? If you're reading this at the restaurant then you have made the right choice. Me being scared of dairy, (allergic) I used the create your own burger. I had a buff low chicken finger with mushrooms stuffed in the burger with double bacon on the top. I will just say.... What a flavor combination. The owner was super cool as well as the entire staff was awesome. I highly recommend going here is you want an other worldy burger experience.

Denton Farley

One of the best burgers I've had for A REALLY long time. The owner was there and was extremely welcoming as well. Was only in town for a short time and I usually like to try new places for every meal, but Rock's received multiple visits from me and my group. I had the Tight Rope Walker... Others in my group were praising the Fruity Pebbles burger too.

Nicholas Feagans

The food had an excellent mosh pit of abundant flavors and bountiful choices for the picky. The service seemed short staffed so if you're agenda is tight make sure you have some time to play with before you go. But be sure to stop by whenever visiting great spot and excellent food.

Hawk Bowman

Great whole in the wall burger joint! It's literally at the back of a bar, but it does have a separate door. Awesome burgers, wish I could have tried them all! But they were still the best burgers I've ever had.

Nathaniel Estrada

Great food. Currently they are only accepting cash and it is pretty smoky from the bar that's attached. I'd go back because the burgers were delicious. And my kids said their fries and tots were the best they'd ever had!

Melanie Bowyer

I've been at both locations and and enjoyed it very much. Service was fast and friendly. I love the tots it's a change from just fries.

This is the best burgers I have ever had. The creative way the stuffed creations burgers are put together is brilliant. Definitely a must go to destination.

Michael Crouse

Just tried the Rock Burger on Union in Cheektowaga, it was amazing!!! I had the Buffalo Wing Dipper, it was delicious. Can't wait to come back

April Perez

Best food I ate while in Niagara, everything was amazing. The burgers were delicious and so was the chicken sandwich. The tots as well were very good and the fries were crispy and well seasoned.

Elio Batista

This was amazing! Food and service were exceptional. A must visit for anyone in Niagara Falls!

Jenifer Hollett

Hideaway joint inside a bar. Probably the best burger I have ever had. A definite go to, to get away from the commercial restaurants. Staff was very friendly!

Tina Flohr

Best burgers anywhere... ever!!! The workers including the owner are all amazing as well!!! They have the most detailed and well planned out combinations I've ever experienced. Also, the fries with ranch seasoning can't be beat either.

John Torma

This place is a great find! Best handmade burgers! Don't bother going to a chain restaurant or a tourist trap. Follow the directions to this diamond in the rough!

Nicole Goss

Burgers are dynamite! Fresh, stuffed, and made to order. Small place, friendly service and outstanding food... Compliments to the Chef. Pic is Blue Burger.

Johnny Contreras

Some really crazy burger options. Really great service. One thing I wasn't huge on was the bag of chips that they give with the meal, seems lazy. I liked it enough to not knock off a star though

Simon J.